Sunday, December 20, 2009


I started this blog wanting to observe different cultures, or share my musings. One of the recent things i find interesting is the Korean wave. It probably could have been any culture, but at that moment and at that time i took a step to look into another world. Dont we all have those moments though? Escape artist tendencies and a desire to live life outside of a mundane reality. A desire for getting outside yourself, your own four walls and yet in the end we are still seeing ourselves reflected in the universal humanity that is cognized.

I know it might be masa (a derogatory Tagalog term referring tomedia appealing to the masses - it can be used in other ways mind you so don't cite me on that one) to quite a few. And by quite i mean alot of people. And i get it...

In fandom there is a tendency to want to be the idol, or someone who you aren't -and that path can be very unhealthy. It must be said though that enjoying a culture and admiring beauty is a different story from fixated obsessive fanaticism. There is a myriad of "crazy"fan types, but one extreme has put much criticism on those who are in other parts of the spectrum. Not that there is anything wrong with being a highly organized fan base (re: DBSK, Shinhwa concerts) but there are other levels of being a fan.

I dont take it THAT seriously, but i can get obsessive about having a favorite. Not all fans are on the extreme side of the line. Despite whatever judgments or hecklers may say it doesnt change that fact that for me its fun, i enjoy it. It cheers me up, makes me happy, and it adds a little special to my day. Life can be drab so its not so bad to add some of that brightly colored Asian fashion to it.

post script: though i added a bit to it the original of this is here: and I wrote it. So I cant really plagiarize myself.
I know no one really reads these yet but just in case it ever comes up..

first entry.


[mey-lahnzh, -lahnj] Show IPA
–noun, plural -langes [-lahnzh, -lahn-jiz] Show IPA .
a mixture; medley.

[French, from Old French
meslance, from mesler, to mix; seemeddle.]

pas⋅tic⋅cio (pā-stē'chō, -chē-ō, -)
pl. pas·tic·ci (-chē)

A work or style produced by borrowing fragments, ingredients, or motifs from various sources; a potpourri.

[Italian, from Vulgar Latin
*pastīcium, pasty; see patisserie.]

Thats basically what i am, and in a way we all sort of are. I made a blog before ( but i had email synchronization issues with that due to Google accounts slowly becoming universal and a google account cant be associated with another google account. Which i dont mind its just the adjusting phase thats the rub.

So to clear up mission/vission issues from the start here im going to have different tidbits of my interests and maybe even my life (but i have a strong feeling its mostly going to be interests.) i have different interests, different hobbies, and am a very mixed media type so thats mostly what will be here. No promises, but for now thats what i foresee.

And its general enough to stick so theres there for the first entry. Amen.

Coming next:
i will post about my netventure as i try to sign up
and use different Asian drama forums and torrent sites.