Saturday, October 16, 2010

EverQuest junkie

So i was looking around and i found ...

Everquest MAC edition! i cant wait to play it. Sem break just started, and in good time too - i was under so much stress i was ready to give up on uni all together. And i was thinking of trying out a private EQ server but then i saw this. The monthly rate is $13/mo thats about P500 for me so not too bad - if they will accept my card.

It has a separate server, and its only up to planes of power - but there is so much content now that i would be too confused if i played it straight up. There is so much i want to explore, and so much i want to do on eq. I have good memories of EQ, but i also know i used to be pretty bad at playing. And there was so much i havent explored yet. I am very hopeful right now. So my tune my change after a while, but i'm very excited.

So thats what i wanted to post. Everquest. For Mac. heart.

SM Beef and Bento #3: Burger steak, penne bolognese, with rice and veggies

The bolognese sauce was the winner in this batch. Its easier to make pasta in large batches and just freeze the extra for the rest of the month. I added a tea spoon of herbs de provence to it and it was amazing! I got my herbs de provence from Healthy Options in Shang ri-la mall. Its a bit pricey since its organic but i think its worth it, P550 (about $12) for a bottle that lasted me a year. The also have pre-ground black pepper, its in an orange bottle and its very good too! its only P220 (about $5-6) but organic produce makes so much of a difference in flavor and health benefits.

I packed in a lot more treats than i usually do since i wanted to try a couple of new products. The meat i used is ground beef from SM super market, whil i was cooking flys were attracted to food near the meat but not the meat itself. This was not something i liked, since it probably means that the meat is GMO or genetically modified. GM foods have been linked to organ failures and a whole other pleathora of health issues so suffice to say i wont be getting ground beef from SM anymore. Dont get me wrong, they have some good products and are afford-ably priced. But affordable now, can be a long term stay in the hospital much later on in life.

Compartment a:

Plain rice, Soy rice and strawberry rice with carrots and ham. a strawberry and soy and mayo containers.

Compartment b:

Mini-Hamburger steaks

Penne bolognese

cauliflower, snow peas, carrots

mini- cupcake

a piece of candy