Sunday, January 3, 2010

K dramas and Dramione

I haven't posted in a while, and i figure i ought to have at least some form of regularity in posting. I got a break off of school (about two weeks).
So since then i have been bumming around to:


(download the ones that have "KOR" in the title there are more seeds for it as of Jan'2010)

(they do real good soft subs at withs2 so if you want to keep em coming visit their sponsors or donate)

with a side of "Princess Hours"

I got a Tagalog dubbed DVD. Its kinda bootleg so the quality was very low, but i could keep it running while playing FB games so the poor video quality and excessive (dubbed) breathing didn't bother me too much. I stopped in the middle though. I guess i could only take so much. I'm trying to get a download of Goong (the original Korean name of the series) but i haven met any luck finding any that are decently seeded.


and reading Dramione (Draco/Hermione) fan fic.
I just finished a particularly well written "Hermione is a pure blood betrothed to Draco" fic.

you can read it here

You have to make an account with Granger enchanted to view it but its free (you only need a valid email add and two min to pick a name and password.) There are alot of Hermione/other character pairings and stories there that range from G-NC17. So until Contra Veritas and Coloured Grey come up again i think il be hanging around there for a while.

For other Dramione
there is also

"" - of course, is a large database that has much of whatever you want. G-R

"Accio D/hr" - a dramione fan fic and fan art indexing site

"its always the quiet ones" - a fan fic story base centered on Blaise Hermione and Draco and the (relation)ships between them (last i recall its R-NC17).

"The Restricted Section" - has some romance and NC17 stuff too.

There are others Of course but in my recent search for some good 'ol draco-love thats what i have run into. I can wait for CG and CV to come back up though. But for now others will do.

*i put the URLs up so you can cut paste them, i sometimes have trouble with hyper links so just in case.


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