Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bento #1: broccoli rice,tuna soboro, chicken curry, egg salad, Green tea furikake, Brocolli and red peppers

Bento 1:

  • Mixed broccoli rice (3 parts Japanese rice, 1 part brown rice)
  • Chicken curry with carrots.
  • Tuna soboro.
  • Nori, ham and cheese decoration.


  • Broccoli "water sautéed" with garlic and red bell pepper
  • Cherry tomato
  • Egg salad
  • Apple bits
  • Green Tea Furikake (the bottle with a yellow cap)
  • Soy sauce (the bottle with a pink cap)
  • Chili paste (in a monkey case)
  • Japanese mayo (in a monkey case)


This is my second attempt at a kawaii bento. My guy liked it -he said the egg went well with everything and he felt really healthy and energized after. I think there is still something missing though.



Tuna soboro and furikake recipes are from Maki of

She has alot of good resources there for any aspiring bento maker. She doesn't focus on chyraben or kawaii bento, but has alot of recipes, health facts, and bento making information.

Go have a look:

Food picks, Silicone cups, Bottles, bentos: bought from Saizen (Robinsons Galleria and Trinoma)

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