Monday, November 15, 2010

Salad Time baby rocket aragula

Just to give the bagged salad another chance I got a bag of unwashed baby aragula to try it out last week. The sales person showed me his product and as you can see it was labeled pesticide free, and unwashed. Both are good indicators, since A no chlorine soak at the factory and B no pesticides (re:nervous poisons) during plant growth and development. It seemed good on paper so i gave it a go...
And was very disappointed. Its possible that it just didn't keep well in my fridge overnight since it was a bit wilted when I served it, but even then it was too bitter. It tasted flat and bitter, not to mention it had bad texture.

I would suggest you buy leafy salad veg from Rustance Fresh. There are a couple of organic brands, clearly marked and labeled as organic in the fresh veg area. Either brand is only 50PHP. "Zacky's Farm" brand I have mentioned before is very good. The flavor is good and when i eat it i can feel that my body LIKES it and thinks its good for me.

Zackys farm is located in Tagaytay, they used to sell at Market!Market! I particularly like this brand because they provide fresh quality herbs, at reasonable (30-60PHP thats .75 - 1USD) prices and it is a relatively new and small company (re: not overly commercialized). I like to support sustainable, and non commercialized products and companies. I hope you do too, since they provide a good service. You can find out morehere at Market Manila's post on Zacky's Farm.

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