Monday, November 15, 2010

Why pre-bagged salad is bad for you.

Bagged leafy veg is misconceived as healthy for you when it's actually toxic! Many of the mass produced conveniently bagged salads are pre-washed, thats why they are so convenient. You aren't told though that the veg is washed in chlorine. Doesn't sound so bad? It's a helpful chemical for cleaning and home maintenance. Remember you use it to kill microbes and keep the bugs out - which die when they get into chlorinated water. Chlorinated water also kills plants, so how would it affect you? Chlorine is a poison, the gas of which was also used in warfare as a poison.

The best way to support services you appreciate or want to see more of is to put your money into it. Economically speaking if people do not buy an item, the item will either lower in price or no longer be sold, however if people buy the item it will be made more available. Lets support smaller non commercialized and sustainable buys from companies that care about the consumer's wellbeing.

So the next time you see a bag of salad... just say no.

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